Number Fun would like to help you provide your children with fun-filled mathematical learning at home.

We’re offering unlimited access to ALL the Portal resources for 30 days – free of charge.  If you stay with us beyond that, you’ll join our subscription plan, but you’re free to cancel at any time.

The Number Fun Parent Portal is a powerful and creative learning tool specifically designed to use at home. There are videos, songs, games and activities that cover the breadth of the primary mathematics curriculum – and videos for parents to help them understand the newer ways their children are now learning mathematics!

We’ve made it as simple as possible for parents and children alike to find and use what they need.


Equips CHILDREN with deep mathematical understanding - even on the more challenging concepts


Equips YOU as a parent - video presentations about how your children are learning mathematics in school


Engages your children in active, creative and practical mathematics that bring learning to life


Works with the curriculum to embed and strengthen learning for children between the ages of 3 and 11.


Supports children with differing needs and expectations

“My children are hooked on the songs and we use it as reference to support them with their early number work. The content is vast. I would highly recommend the portal to encourage children to engage with mathematics and allow parents to develop their understanding of how to support their young mathematicians.”

David, Parent and Teacher – Boston 

“A fantastic resource to bring mathematics to life – catchy songs to support the learning of the maths curriculum, backed up with a range of resources to support teaching for conceptual understanding”

Alison, Lecturer in Primary Mathematics, Leicester

“The Number Fun Portal is so easy to use that even the least tech savvy staff will have no problems navigating around it.

Number Fun = Children loving their maths = Children learning maths.”

Rachel, Early Years Lead, York

Ready-to-use videos, songs, stories and activities for instant impact 

 Number and Place Value

Conservation of number, number sense, arrangement styles, part/whole diagrams, counting on and back, partitioning, sequences, rounding, intervals across zero etc.

Addition and Subtraction

Number bonds, balance, addition and subtraction structures (e.g. comparison, partitioning), jotting and mental strategies, formal strategies, number lines, vocabulary, functions etc.

Multiplication and Division

Doubling, halving, times-tables up to 12×12, grouping, sharing, chunking, sequences, vocabulary, structures, functions, factors, primes, squares and cubes etc.


Halves, quarters, counting, fractions, decimals and percentages, equivalences, fractions to 1, proper and improper fractions etc.


Vocabulary, units, dates, times, events, money, clocks, perimeter, area etc.

Position and direction

Vocabulary, left & right, concepts, movement, compass points etc.


2-D and 3-D shapes, patterns, polygons, symmetry, catagorising quadrilaterals, angles etc.


Ratios, proportions, relative sizes and missing values, comparisons, percentages of amounts etc.

And even more…

Statistical diagrams, problem solving strategies, algebra, mental recall, celebrating mathematics etc.

So… what makes Number Fun different?

After 30 years of experience we know a thing or two about what really helps children learn

We’ve taken the common challenges teachers tell us they continue to face teaching primary mathematics, and we continue to design resources to help with all of them.

Any of these seem familiar?

See how Number Fun helps

Children bring home work I just don't understand!

The included parent packs and guides explain what's behind the songs and how it works

Children do not retain mathematical facts and concepts - like simply remembering times-tables

Number Fun songs, coupled with powerful visualisations, provide a tried and tested approach to improved retention and comprehension (and yes, times-tables are in there)

Children are unable to apply mathematics to real world scenarios

Dave's Number Fun songs are brought to life by an array of fun-filled characters and stories that relate mathematics to everyday life

Finding fun, interactive and novel ideas to make work FUN.

Parents consistently tell us that children love the interactive and fun-filled nature of the Number Fun songs

Time efficient ways of helping children learn and remember mathematical concepts and facts

Number Fun utilises the power of music, helping children to learn mathematics in a brain-friendly way. Children just can't get it out of their heads (as Kylie would say!)

When parents use Number Fun to build on classroom time, they frequently tell us how deeply satisfying it is to see the children enjoying and progressing in their learning.

Ready to join?

Got questions?

Can I try Number Fun for free?

We are offering 30 days access to the Parent Portal at no charge.

My internet is not great - will Number Fun work for me?

We aim to deliver high quality video so recommend you have 5 Mb/s bandwidth available to stream the songs and animation. This is readily provided by a 4G signal and most broadband connections. 

Why is Number Fun based around songs?

There is a significant body of research demonstrating that music and song aid learning.  Allen & Wood (2012) state that for teachers, music is, ‘one of the most powerful teaching tools at their disposal’.  

Dave Godfrey, the founder of Number Fun, completed his master’s dissertation on the use of songs as a powerful tool for teaching and learning mathematics across the primary age-range.

Songs are one of five distinctive features of a Number Fun video.  The other four are visualisation, animation, story and humour! 


I'm not musical - will Number Fun work for me?

Not a problem – the songs and videos are all set up and ready to roll, no musical expertise is necessary!

My school uses a scheme of work. Can I still use Number Fun?

Number Fun is not a scheme of work.  It is a creative and powerful tool that can enhance the delivery of mathematics within any scheme of work.  Each song has been written to support a specific objective from the mathematics curriculum – they sit independently of any one scheme or programme.  On the Teacher Portal site we have a set of Quick Link documents that connect the Number Fun videos to the White Rose Scheme of learning.

What are the three different types of Number Fun songs?

 In my masters research I indentified three distinct types of Number Fun songs:

1) Concept Songs – these help children learn a mathematical concept by making sense and finding meaning in the song.  Typically these songs come in the form of a story.

2) Input/Output Songs – these songs provide a fun-filled and creative structure for practicing concepts.  The teacher (or a child) provides an ‘input’ and the children answer with an ‘output’.  These songs are inclusive and non-threatening as well as being highly adaptable.

3) Memory Songs – these songs are written to help children remember and recall mathematical facts, language and definitions.  These work because of the Kylie Minogue Effect – ‘I just can’t get you out of my head’!

Some songs contain the characteristics of more than one type of song!

Can my school buy Number Fun?

Yes. We offer a special school-wide licence discounted from the regular classroom rate. 

Does Number Fun cover the curriculum?

Number Fun has resources aligned to each of the curriculum domains. There is not a song covering every single objective but there are over 250 covering all the core concepts and the majority of key objectives.